Abi & Elizabeth Belkis

District 4

Phone: 334-524-3654

Email: [email protected] 

Location: New Life Church Auburn, Vida Nueva CCA, 440 North College Street, Auburn, Alabama 36830


Pastors Abimael and Elizabeth Arenas, along with their children Mateo and Esteban, came from Venezuela in 2001 as missionaries to start the first Christian church for Lee County's Hispanic community.

For about 22 years they have worked to establish the Kingdom of God in many practical ways in the city of Auburn and the State of Alabama. Their youngest daughter was born in Lee County in 2006.

Focused on a ministry of integral healing to the family and the healing of the land, they have traveled throughout the State of Alabama sharing the good news of the Kingdom of God and teaching God's designs for the purpose of healing memories, intercession, territorial mapping, and spiritual government to the church of Alabama so that they can develop their full potential to govern with Christ.

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