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Cheshvan 5783 (Rosh Codesh Replay)

rosh codesh replay

Here's the replay from the weekend in South Alabama (District 1).

District One High Points:

1. Strategic prayer and intercession went ahead of time to prepare the way. 

2. A new sound was released in worship (it was actually with spoons... very fascinating and sounded like weaponry)

3. Worship/Intercession Meeting as well as Transformation Strategy meeting on Saturday with the workbook, both very fruitful. Worship/Intercession Leaders: James, Wayne, Edi, Wanda / Strategy Leader: Kent Mattox

4. All was hosted in a school building and we prayed for the education system and teachers and students across the state.

5. Sunday morning was full of powerful worship and a fresh direction for the people in the area. Specifically, toward the marketplace and out of the four walls of church. Practically everyone who came was ministered to and one lady was healed in her back, who was going to have surgery. 

6. Cohort debriefed and is preparing for D2.

7. Also, there is a sound of “WIND” that will be focused on in D2 and James/Jenn Lee will be bringing some instruments for all to have on hand like they did with spoons. They are listening for specifics in every District as we go

8. Thank you to Keith and Carmen Williams and Orlando’s BBQ who provided multiple meals for the people.

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