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Kislev 5783 (Rosh Codesh Replay)

rosh codesh replay

Here are the highlights from our gathering in District 2:

📌Powerful strategic intercession and acts for the district and nations, happened on location.

📌Identity was a large focus with decrees for those at the meeting and beyond, particularly pertaining to the identity of Troy University.

📌A “healing from infirmities” word was released in the Friday session and many came forward for prayer and ministry.

📌Transformation and worship strategy in teaching sessions on Saturday.

📌Many testimonies of people taking the Transformation strategies/tools/books to their cities and outposts are forming everywhere. Families are testifying that they are seeing members find identity through gift assessments and conversations and it is allowing them to connect with others powerfully. We have multiple states reaching out and wanting to move in this prototype also.

📌Several people experience deliverance during the weekend.

📌Internal perceptions from this journey: The Lord seems to be uprooting contention and purifying His character in His people- focus on holiness and humility as we move forward.

Note: our mission is to establish Transformation Models in 67 counties while looking toward Harvest and Tabernacles as we represent the state again on September 30 - October 1, 2023.


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