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Elul 5782 (Rosh Codesh Replay)

rosh codesh replay

The Apostolic Cohort and David’s Tent gathered together with those in the region of Waker County (Jasper, Alabama) at The Storehouse, with Pastors Wayne and Jennifer Lee, on Rosh Codesh of the month of Elul 5782.

It was a powerful time worshipping the Lord with expectation in the season when "The King is in the Field." Elul is Biblically the month when the King would breakthrough the standard protocols of royalty, which required others come to him on his terms. He would come down from his house and meet freely with anyone who wanted to see him, as he tabernacled in the fields. A strategic day of intercession and apostolic strategy for Walker County followed.

Watch this replay from August 26, 2022 and invite King Jesus to come and reveal Himself and to recalibrate you in your fields- in all of the places you have been assigned to bring the Divine Nature of Christ and His heavenly, practical solutions.

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