Dr. Billy & Anita Driver

District 12

Billy accepted the Lord at the age of 17. Anita accepted the Lord before the age of 10. Billy grew up in Walker county. Anita grew up in Washington DC and then moved to Anniston at the age of 11.

Billy grew up in the Methodist church. Then Billy switched to Baptist while at the University of Alabama. Billy got his undergraduate degree from The University of Alabama. He has two master’s degrees and gotten his doctorate degree from WestCoast Bible College.

Anita got her undergraduate degree from Auburn University. We have served in the church all the days of our lives. We are now serving as Elders at The Rock FWC.

We believe God is calling us to do great things for His kingdom. Anita loves blowing the Shofar. We have led online Torah life groups. Anita is also part of the Rock intercessor team.

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