Kent & Beverly Mattox

District 8

Phone: 256-831-5280 (office)

Email: [email protected] 

Location: Word Alive International Outreach, 122 Allendale Road, Oxford, Alabama 36203


Kent and Beverly Mattox are founders of Word Alive International Outreach, an Apostolic Center for Freedom that was founded in December 2000. This interdenominational outreach center quickly grew into a rich, culturally diverse local church with several thousand people in regular attendance and active participation and international outreach. WAIO carries an emphasis on preaching, teaching, recovery, and reaching out to feed the nations of the world. Word Alive International Outreach has been launched in several nations of the world.

Kent and Beverly are passionate with a great desire to see every individual find FREEDOM and TRANSFORMATION in Christ to fulfill their purpose and destiny within the Kingdom.  That passion, combined with their commitment to see people succeed in every area of life, fuels the vision of Word Alive International Outreach. Their enthusiasm, genuine love for people, and effective teaching has fueled a ministry which spans 32 years and embraces four continents with the message of freedom and transformation. 

In January 2020, The Lord spoke powerfully to Kent and Beverly Mattox and Word Alive International Outreach and they embarked upon an ambitious undertaking to travel to each of the 67 counties in the State of Alabama and proclaim the good news of the gospel and to shift entire people groups from the church age into the Kingdom age by imparting the revelation of marketplace ministers via the teaching of Ekklesia. This was the beginning of the All In Alabama movement. Embodied in this understanding is that Believers are mobile arks of the covenant- literally 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Gathering around the table and inviting others into our homes is the best example of staying connected to one another and to our communities. Currently, marketplace ministers are engaging more than ever in prayer evangelism and making sure that needs are being met in communities, neighborhoods, and businesses.

By 2022, The Lord established an Apostolic Cohort of Alabama pastors and leaders around Kent and Beverly, who desire to move together with an apostolic heart to build and restore the desolations of many generations in the land. Kent and Beverly continue to be committed to this mission as they lead and regularly move alongside these leaders to mobilize monthly in one accord, in twelve districts and their counties across the state- to worship the Lord in His appointed times, to bless each boundary, awaken God’s called out ones, and to release God’s message of FREEDOM and TRANSFORMATION to the entire state of Alabama. They desire that all will be awakened to righteous identity, alignment, empowerment, and assignment.

Through the All In Alabama journey, the Lord is still unearthing and connecting His Triumphant Reserve throughout the state. Apostolic hubs and freedom outposts are arising everywhere, as the prophetic and apostolic are learning to move together as a company of The Lord. This is the first movement of its kind, as church and marketplace leaders in every district are laying down their agendas to join together and present the entire state of Alabama to the Lord for His purpose. This is the promise of the Lord in motion-- that Alabama will “go first” to establish a prototype of Kingdom Harvest for the surrounding states and ultimately the nation.

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