Victor & Karin Stallworth

District 1

Victor and Karin Stallworth are founders of Global Shalom Ministries. They are called by God to advance the Kingdom of God by ministering Shalom (wholeness, nothing missing, nothing broken) with emphasis on Christian Education and Leadership.

Victor was born in Mobile, Alabama where he started his ministry in 1989. Since then, he has served with several ministries, including serving as an associate pastor in the United States. Internationally, Victor has served as a Pastor on the mission field in Brazil. He has ministered in other nations as well. Victor served with a mission team that evangelized unreached people groups and taught Christian leaders in India. As a result of this one particular outreach, over three hundred churches were birth.

He continues to travel nationally and internationally ministering in the power of the Holy Spirit. Victor graduated from Christ for the Nations with an Associateā€™s Degree in Practical Theology. He furthered his education by earning a Bachelor in Pastoral Christian Ministry and a Master`s in Practical Theology, both from Oral Roberts University.

Karin was born in Central America. At an early age, she was very active in her local church where she served with the mission department. Alone with other mission team members, she evangelized neighborhoods with the good news of the gospel. As a result of these outreaches, lives were blessed and changed for the Glory of God.

As doors opened, Karin and fellow missionaries were sent out from her local church on foreign missions trips and evangelized other Central America countries with the Gospel. As she traveled and preached the Gospel, lives were touched.

As a devoted educator, Karin has taught for many years. She taught five years in her native country and here in the United States since 2011. She is committed to seeing her students excel academically and perform at a higher academic level.

She earned a Bachelor`s Degree from the University of Texas at Arlington.
Together, Victor and Karin both bring a wealth of teaching and ministry experience to advance the Kingdom of God.

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