Les Teel

District 12

Email: [email protected] 

Location: Huntsville, Alabama


Raised in rural southeast Alabama, graduated from Eufaula high school in 1978.

Joined the US Navy in 1979. Served our nation 8 years in the military as a US Navy frogman/Seal team operator from 1979-1987 (4 years active duty, 4 years reserve duty-- E5-Operations Specialist).

Married the best wife in the world, Dina Ann, 36 blissful years and counting.

Raised to adulthood 4 amazing children (33-25 years), 3 daughters and 1 son.

Experienced 6 six years of night college classes at National University in San Diego from 1985-1991. Attained Bachelor's degree in Manufacturing Operations Management.

Served 36 years with Dept of Defense contractors in engineering world supporting US war fighter requirements around the world.

Ministry History:

  • (1982-1985) Usher ministry for Calvary Chapel Balboa Park, San Diego, California.
  • (1993-1998) Served as a point man group leader for Promise Keeper's men's ministry. Led and discipled 12 men in men's ministry.
  • (1993-1995) large ministry team member under Pastor John Wimber of Vineyard church in Anaheim, California. Attended church under John Wimber in Anaheim from 1985-1995 and learned church planting techniques.
  • (1996-2009) Planted and pastored as senior pastor/leader a Vineyard associated church in Troy, Alabama and raised up church leaders and disciples through the Kingdom of God message and power ministry. Church is alive and well with over 400 members and being led by my prior senior associate pastor Louis Johnson who is the senior pastor today.
  • (2010-2012) Served as elder on staff for Passion Church in Tucson, Arizona.

Present Ministry Serving Leader:

  • (2018 to present) Board of directors elder and pastor for White Dove ministry located in Foley, Alabama (founder/senior leaders: Paul Keith and Amy Davis)
  • (2019 to present) Assistant pastor of Dwelling Place church located in Huntsville, Alabama
  • Participating member of ALLIN Alabama apostolic cohort since 2020.

Heart's Desire:

  • My desire is to build and establish for the Lord apostolic hub centers in Alabama and elsewhere and to train, equip, develop and raise up for the Lord a company of Kingdom Special Forces warriors who love and fear the Lord with all their hearts and they love not their own lives even unto death, they invade the kingdom of darkness and destroy the works of the devil. 
  • They invade evil with the love, truth, justice, righteousness, light and glory of God, they preach and teach the kingdom of God message with a demonstration of God's power manifested through signs, wonders, miracles, salvations, healings, deliverance, setting the captives free, discipling and bringing God's overcoming remnant people into the maturity of their callings and destiny in Christ, so they can conduct the greater works of the kingdom that Jesus Christ said we would do.
  • These Kingdom Special Forces warriors are the unconventional overcoming harvesters of the coming harvest era for Alabama, the United States, and the uttermost parts of the earth-- and they will operate as His royal ekklesia, the royal king priesthood, the royal sons of God and the royal Bride of Christ who lead and bring the people of God into spiritual maturity, unity of the spirit, kingdom functionality of power and authority and prepare them through God's word and the fullness of the 7 Spirits of God operating through them and complete their portion of His Great Commission in the earth during these latter days before the second coming of the Lord.

To contact Les email [email protected] 

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