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You release the fire, and I’ll send the wind


All in Alabama began with a vision to visit all 67 counties and pray for the city officials at the city gates.

It actually happened  in 2020, but to understand the full story you’ve got to go back a few years… 

In 2018, Chuck Pierce prayed and prophesied that we would go to “gates and cities” with fire teams. And, when we prayed to release the fire, God would send the wind.

After that, Kent met Ed Silvoso— in a dream. That led to a face-to-face meeting, as well as an ongoing relationship. His book, Ekklesia, outlines how to be the church— outside the four walls of our buildings. 


The movement begins

The team took— 

🔥 the fire Chuck prophesied, and 

💨 the mission of the church that Ed wrote about…

The first county the fire team stepped into— to release the fire— received immediate cell phone alerts with wind advisories. Remember, Chuck prophesied that God declared, “You release the fire and I’ll send the wind.”

A literal wind had come. 

Notably, the alert read “for all 67 counties in Alabama.”


Gathering leaders

Amidst this process, the team began identifying apostolic leaders throughout the state, forming a cohort of leaders. The team began in Chilton county, providentially meeting a pastor who had been waiting five years to see the fulfillment of a prophetic promise made to him.

Furthermore, the movement is just beginning. 

To identify a leader near you, visit the leadership page.

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