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What is All In Alabama?

beginnings prophecies

Years ago, Chuck Pierce declared, “Alabama will explode with the prototype for the awakening of America.”

That is, Alabama will be a fore-runner state, a space set aside for God’s use…

Contending for the prophecies

Back in 2018, Kent and Beverly began to seek God over the prophecies they’d heard for years— about Alabama and its spiritual significance to our nation.

The All in Alabama mission began with the Freedom March, a time in which the church stepped outside of the four walls and reenacted the historical Freedom March from the Civil Rights Movement of the 60s.

During the reenactment, the group— of all colors and races and church backgrounds— asked God to forgive and heal…

Walking out the promise

Shortly thereafter, the Lord said someone would be raised up to take hope and healing— in the form of “fire teams”— to the 67 counties of Alabama, praying for the city governments. They would preach the message of transformation and pray for the presence and power of the Holy Spirit to come.

The dirt… because even the land cries out

Notably, the team saw a monument in the Montgomery area where the soil from 64 counties was displayed. The dirt denoted territory where black brothers and sisters were lynched.

This reminded the team that God was doing something greater, that He was bringing justice and redemption to the area— a transformation that affects every area of life.

(At the conclusion of the All in Alabama project, the team created a monument of the soil from all 67 counties, reminiscent of the time they spent offering each area back to the Father.)

A house of brands— not a branded house

Now, we’ve raised— and our raising— a team of leaders.

We meet each month, in geographic locations across the State of Alabama, journeying together as we release the message of transformation and see real world shifts. As we go, we continue to worship together, gathering a triumphant reserve of people eager to see God’s presence and power flow through the area.

The movement is bigger than one place— and encompasses as large group of people. In, fact, we’d like to add you and your ministry to the cohort.

As Kent says, “This isn’t a branded house, but a house of brands…”

That is, this isn’t about one logo and one name; it’s about all of us doing our part by focusing on what we do best and leaning on each other for the rest.

To connect with a leader near you, visit the leadership page of the site.

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