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Alabama Goes First (Chuck Pierce)


Using the story of the disciples unsuccessfully fishing— and then being told to toss the nets on the other side of the boat, such that they catch so many fish they need help to pull in the harvest— Chuck Pierce talks about the shift in Alabama…

The biggest shift in that story happened to Peter. He threw off his old mantle (his identity as a fisherman) and was ready to accept whatever Jesus offered him.


Our turn

“2020,” Chuck said, “is the year of the double hand… a time or redefining and realigning… of recompense and restoration.”

He explains that this, too, was a year of reset— 

(Notably, Chuck preached this message before the pandemic hit, creating a massive reset on all of society.)

He tells us about the new level of increase God has planned for us as we are redefined and realigned, as well as the vision he had back in 2008…


Back to the beginning

In 2008, Chuck received a vision from the Lord, which outlined some of the pitfalls and potential several states had. Some states were in alignment with the Lord; others were hanging in the balance.

Alabama, Chuck preached, is the state that goes first as God does a work across the country.  

Furthermore, the Lord revealed His Freedom Outposts throughout the nation and how Alabama must go first. 

Chuck reminds us that seeing the move of God not only requires the prophets to declare His truth, but also apostles and leaders to step into the movement and lead forth… 

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